Contact Information

Josh Bowman, President
Phone: 810-599-8698 – Email

Kerri Beckman, Vice President
Phone: 906-869-1571 – Email

Brianne Holloway, Treasurer
Phone: 906-202-2654 – Email

Kelsi Kinnunen, Secretary
Phone: 906-869-3177 – Email

Tracy Duckwall, Grievance Chair
Phone: 906- 869-1830  – Email

Katlyn Lafrinere, Labor Representative
Michigan Nurses Association
Phone: 906-251-8650 – Email


Grievances are alleged violations of the contract, or violations of certain longstanding practices in the hospital, on the part of management.

Please contact Tracy Duckwall or Katlyn Lafrinere as soon as a concern arises for assistance with filling out and submitting a grievance. The timing and wording used on the form can have a significant impact on the outcome of your grievance.

Download blank grievance form

Assignment Despite Objection (ADO) Forms

You should fill out an electronic Assignment Despite Objection (ADO) form anytime you are being assigned work that you feel is unsafe, that violates departmental staffing guidelines, or that potentially violates professional codes of ethics. ADO forms can help protect your  license by documenting your objection. They also create a record of staffing problems that MNA can use to change dangerous patterns.

Fill out an ADO form here