Borgess Staff Nurses Council

Incentives In Place at Borgess Through May 27


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Elected Leaders

Here are the leaders elected to office in the June 29, 2022 election. But we can’t do it alone – we’ll be reaching out to recruit unit stewards and Second Table members in the coming weeks!

Local Union Officers

President: Lori Batzloff (NCU)

Vice-President: Nate Hoffman (PACU)

Secretary: Amber Andrews (ICU)

Treasurer: Jamie Brown (STICU)

Chief Grievance Representative: Jenni Livingston (PreSurgery)

Bargaining Team

Four of the local union officers

Doris Goodrich (OB)

Amanda Hobbs (PACU)

Jane Opra (ICU)

Delegates and Alternate Delegates

Lori Batzloff (ICU)

Carol D’Cruz (NRT)

Dawn Langley (SWAT)

Jenni Livingston (PreSurgery)

Nate Hoffman (PACU)

Jane Opra (NCU)

Amber Andrews (NCU)